Friday, March 21, 2008

City Looks

The weather has been so pretty the last few days that the bright blue sky has made the buildings I walk by every morning on my way to the subway even prettier. So I thought I'd share!

This building at 57th Street and Lexington Avenue should look familiar to you if you watch Lipstick Jungle because it's where Brooke Shields and Kim Raver's characters work.

Taxis are so commonplace they almost fade into the background but this picture captured the vibrance the yellow adds to my everyday scenery.

I really should know the proper names of these midtown buildings because they are easily recognizable in any skyline view. I just call these the "slant top building" and the "lipstick building".

This is a new apartment building on 53rdish and 2nd or 3rd.

Looking up at the "lipstick building".

The north side of the "slant roof building" with the Chrysler Building in the distance as seen from 57th Street and Lexington Avenue.

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