Sunday, March 9, 2008

You've got a friend in Pennsylvania

My grandparents moved from Pennsylvania to Alabama around 1955, leaving behind a whole slew of Mummerts and Wileys in the north. My parents drove us from Muscle Shoals to Pennsylvania one time - one time - when my sisters and I were really little. It felt like we were in the van forever, although I think it was just one full day. The main things I remember about the drive were the little pallet we had in the back to take naps on, the workbooks and games Mama had gotten to entertain us, and stopping alongside the road to use the bathroom - and I mean using the side of the road as a bathroom. As far as memories from the trip - everything is a little hazy, but I do remember going to Gettysburg, touring the Hershey Chocolate Factory, "shopping" in Aunt Jean's basement, walking all over Washington D.C, driving around Dillsburg where Daddy grew up, and taking a very bubbly bubble bath with my sisters!!

The last of the four Wiley sisters, my Grandma Mummert's sister Marzella, celebrated her 65th wedding anniversary this month. Her sons planned a surprise celebration to honor Marzella and her husband Harold, so my parents, my Granddaddy Mummert and Jean and my aunt Sheree all flew up to Pennsylvania from Alabama to celebrate. I took the train over and had a wonderful time seeing my family, and also seeing the places that bored me so as a child, now seeing them as a window into where I came from.

Doesn't Daddy look cute in this picture?!

Weekend shoulder friends - Mama befriended Barb's "Tiki", and I found a friend for Daddy at Hershey Chocolate Factory.

Daddy, Sheree and Granddaddy standing in front of the house they lived in on Welty Avenue.

The old hotel on South Baltimore in Dillsburg where they worked and lived for a little while - now apartments.

Wish I'd gotten more of the red door in the picture - so pretty.

I'm named for my great-grandmother Abba Rebecca Wiley.

Daddy standing in front of what used to be the barn on the old Wiley Farm (my grandmother's family farm). He's pointing out an area in the field that he and friends once set on fire with fireworks!

I hope it's not another 22 years before we all go back!

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